Results-driven, safe driving school in Dublin


Diamond Shape - Yellow and Black.

While under the influence of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise), or when tired or drowsy.

Reflectors, windows, mirrors, and registration plate.

Slow down, give plenty of room, do not sound your horn or rev your engine. Have patience.

No. (You should only reverse from a major road to a minor road).

Regulatory signs are round with red on white background with the exception of two: Stop and Yield.

When your car is broken down, being towed, or at the scene of an accident.

Learner driver vehicles, motorbikes under 50cc, invalid cars or horse drawn vehicles, or any vehicles not capable of attaining 50kph

A broken white line divides the centre of the road and should only be crossed if it safe or necessary to do so.

Green; Amber; Red; Green.

Give way to traffic on your immediate right.

Where you cannot see far enough ahead; a humpback bridge; too close to junctions, corners; pedestrian crossing; hatch markings; and over a continuous white line.